Area Attractions & Links of Interest

Area Attractions

Isle Royale Ferry Service Home Page
The Isle Royale Queen III operates between Copper Harbor, Michigan and Rock Harbor on Isle Royale. Isle Royale is America's only island national park, teeming with wildlife. Enjoy backpacking, boating, canoeing & kayaking with more than 160 miles of foot trails and numerous inland lakes.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
The online presence for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. This unforgettable tribute to ships lost on the lakes is located on Whitefish Point on the Upper Peninsula. A must see when visiting the UP.

Mackinac Island Pages...Somewhere on line...
Not to be missed, this official page of Mackinac Island has a plethora of links to related topics, including accommodations, events, history, and many more.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Travel Guide
Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers some of the finest attractions in the Midwest. You can explore the depths of a mine, a shipwreck, climb to the top of a lighthouse, explore a colonial fort, and hear the roar of mighty waterfalls. And thatŐs just for starters. In the area below youŐll find exactly the attraction youŐre looking for. Plus, many you didnŐt even know existed.

Links of Interest

Seeing the Lights
A very informational site about lighthouses, with detailed information about Sand Hills Light.

Eagle Harbor WebCam
All-year round live view of Eagle Harbor. Features links to photos of Brockaway Mountain Drive, Silver River Falls, and more.

The Upper Penninsula Traveler
Visit and Enjoy the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A list of places to go and stay and things to see and do.

The Golden Pasty Hall of Fame
Great links to Keweenaw area attractions. Bi-weekly highlights of another interesting U.P. destination to browse.

George's Eagle Harbor Web
An unofficial source of Eagle Harbor news, views and information.

Northern Images Photography
Scenic Photography of Duluth and the Lake Superior Region .

Michigan Lighthouses
This wonderful site is dedicated to Michigan's many lighthouses and the incredible book of aerial photography by John L. Wagner. The site is a must see and the book is a must have.

Know Your Ships
Boat nerds and even those just curious about the mighty ships that sail the Great Lakes will appreciate what this site has to offer.

Publicly Accessible Lighthouses
An official list of accessible lighthouses maintained by the National Maritime Initiative, a government funded office.

Great Lakes Cruise Company
From the magnificent spectacle of Niagara Falls, to Mackinac Island’s cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages. From rolling dunes and grand vistas, to miles of white sand beaches. From emerald green forests, to blazing sunsets that turn the watery horizon to flame, the journey awaits.

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